Privacy Policy

1. Cost of service & payment terms

Deposit payment

  • To secure your move date, binding quote flat rate fee and your requested moving services, a $50 dollar deposit is required on booking.
  • You have 24 hours to pay your deposit to secure your move date and binding quote flat rate fee, from the date and time it is sent from your confirmation. Teemer Moving and Storage Corp has the right to change the original quoted flat rate fee on the customers requested services if the customer does not pay their deposit within 24 hours. TMS can not guarantee availability if the deposit is not paid within 24 hours. The quoted flat rate fee is subject to change due to peak moving days, customer time window request and availability if the quote is not paid within 24 hours. Availability is not guaranteed, as we operate on a first come first serve basis.
  • If your quoted move is greater than $2,000 dollars a 10% deposit of your total quoted moving fee is required on booking to secure your move date and your requested moving services.
  • ‚ÄčIf you request a refund either the day of your move, or within 1 business day before your move date, you will not be refunded your deposit.

Cancellations and Moving Date Changes
  • To cancel your move and requested TMS service, a minimum period of notice of no less than 1 business day or 24 hours prior to your move date is required in order for you to obtain a full refund of your deposit and avoid additional penalties.
  • To reschedule your move date with TMS service, we require a minimum period of notice of 1 business day prior to your booked move date, penalties will apply if we are not informed within these guidelines of our rescheduling date.

Additional Charges
  • If on the day of your move, you have more items that are not reflected on your quoted and original inventory list you will be provided with an updated quote for moving the additional items. For TMS to move your additional items you will be required to review your updated quote and will be charged an additional moving fee for those items.
  • If there is no parking within 150 feet of the entrance of the pickup and drop off locations an excessive carrying and pushing fee is applicable depending on volume and distance. The moving crew will advise the customer of this and inform the moving consultant who booked this service for the customer to charge the additional fee, this depends on the volume of your move, with the maximum fee of $300.
  • Payment of parking tickets are the responsibility of Teemer Moving and Storage Corp.